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missisquoi-riverProject Coordinator

Please email a current resume and cover letter need to me email to by April 27th at 4pm.  Please put Project Coordinator Application in the subject line of your email.

The Friends of Northern Lake Champlain is seeking a part-time Project Coordinator to support the executive director by undertaking a variety of program-related administrative and project related tasks for in-field grant projects.  This position will help in planning and organizing, and implementing a variety of projects in our watershed and will spend most of their time implementing work outlined in our agreement with NRCS in the Pike River and the Rock River Watersheds.

The ideal candidate will have strong communication skills, organizing skills, tracking skills, and be able to interact with a variety of stakeholders, including farmers. It is an important role as the program coordinator will be the face of the organization and will be tasked with a high level of discreet information.

The goal will be to facilitate the successful completion of each program according to the organization’s standards and the program deliverables as outlined in the project.


  • Support Executive Director in planning programs and implementing policies, practices, schedules, and activities for the programs;
  • Coordinate and organize a variety of activities for the program, including outreach, setting up group and individual producer meetings, and coordinating with NRCS, other watershed groups, and possibly contractors;
  • Schedule meetings and maintain agendas;
  • Facilitate the timely completion of programs by encouraging adherence to schedules and deadlines and ensuring time constraints are understood within the team;
  • Monitor hours, workload, schedules and progress of the program team and report on issues or lags;
  • Assist in the preparation of budgets, track expenditures and help raise funds when appropriate;
  • Prepare relevant paperwork, submit reports and documents to NRCS and other funders, and keep updated files and electronic records;
  • Help build positive relations both within the team as well as with external interested parties;
  • Communicate with a variety of interested stakeholders on the progress of the programs and be prepared to write press releases, articles, op eds. etc… as they relate to the program;
  • Assist in the preparation of RFPs, Project development, and grant applications;
  • Work with project engineers, land owners, state agencies on developing, scoping, and implementing a wide variety of projects.
  • Report on an “as needed” basis to the FNLC Advisory Board.


  • Proven experience as program coordinator or relevant position;
  • Working knowledge of project/program management practices;
  • Construction or engineering background;
  • Good knowledge of MS Office and program management software (e.g. MS Project);
  • Ability to deal with diverse stakeholders;
  • Excellent problem-solving and organizing skills;
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills;
  • Working knowledge of agricultural water quality issues, Lake Champlain TMDL, Act 64, NRCS EQIP Program, and the Required Agricultural Practices as being currently drafted;

The ideal candidate will have a strong agricultural conservation background and ethic and be able to clearly communicate, connect, and assist local farmers with a greater understanding of conservation field practices and apply for funding through state and federal programs.

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