How to Help

What can a citizen do to help clean up Lake Champlain?

  1. Make sure you and your family aren’t contributing to water pollution. Contact us for more information about your specific situation.
  2. Join Friends of Northern Lake Champlain – there is great power in people working together. Attend our forums, get involved and contribute to the organization. See our calendar of FNLC events in the column to the right.
  3. If you live on the Lake (and even if you don’t), write or call your selectboard or your Town Administrator. You pay higher taxes if you live on or near the Lake– what are you getting for it? What is your town doing about cleaning up Lake Champlain?
  4. Write or call your legislators — they need to hear from you about water quality.
  5. Call Governor Shumlin and let him know that you appreciate what he has done, but that much more needs to be done to clean up the Lake. The phone number for the Governor’s office is 1-802-828-3333.

What You Can Do At Home

Check out these links to be more water friendly at your house!