End of Tile P Removal System is in the ground.


Final installation of both media tanks.

The Friends of Northern Lake Champlain, the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), the Agency of Agriculture Food and Markets, and Stone Environmental, have implemented an end of tile drain treatment system. This project was funded through a Conservation Innovation grant and was installed on a farm in Franklin.  The goal of the project is to test two different media, drinking water residuals and a limestone bedding, on their effectiveness at removing phosphorous from the discharging tile drain water.

A tile drainage system on a farm is a practice that removes excess water from farm fields. A typical system is composed of plastic pipes spread out evenly underneath the field, which then discharge to the nearest ditch. This helps reduce in-field flooding and to keep the field dry. Recently, researchers have found that the water being discharged into the ditch have variable levels of phosphorous.

Dave Braun Lead Scientist

Lead water quality scientist, Dave Braun, inspects the inside of the holding tank for one of the media.

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    Is there a project advisory com’tee for the end of tile P removal system project ?
    If so and the adv com’tee meets on occasion, can you please add my name to the list of folks recv’ing com’tee meeting notes ?
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