2016 April Stools Day

IMG_2742Despite the pouring rain and heavy winds, four dedicated community members met for “doo-ty” at the fountain, located in the south-west corner of Taylor Park between the hours of 10 AM – 12 PM on April 1st scavenging the park for pet waste. Many do not know, but pet waste left on sidewalks, streets, yards or other open areas can be washed away and carried by rainwater into storm drains to nearby rivers, lakes and streams and cause many problems, such as algae blooms due to the nutrients and bacteria that pet waste contains. Aside from the small number of volunteers, the amount of “stool” that was collected was significant. Approximately, 100 + “stools” were picked up from the grass, flower beds, and other regions within the park, including some pet waste in disposal bags and candy from the previous weekends Easter egg hunt. We know how much Vermonter’s value Lake Champlain and other local waterways for their aesthetic and recreational purposes, so we ask you simply to do yourself and your community a favor and scoop your pets poop!

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